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COOL caboose,  
Solving the

It all started when I was limited on the amount of time, if any, that I could spend outside during the warm and hot months with my babies and young children. I faced this problem with all three of my children, but finally did something about it with my third.

COOL caboose! It is the only Cooling Seat Liner on the market that helps keep your baby cooler on those walks to the park, in the stands while you watch older kids play baseball games or whenever life calls you to the outdoors.

COOL caboose,
Can be Used

1. Its main function and why it was created was to fit in a stroller. The size and shape have been researched to fit into most strollers in-between the shoulder and belt straps.
2. COOL caboose is also a seat liner and protector.  It is washable so it helps protect your strollers from blowouts and spills.
3.  In the winter and fall time the cold packs can be heated in the microwave. 10-20 second increments until you reach desired temperature.
4.  COOL caboose can be used in your child's car seat on hot days when you are running errands.  Remove your child from their car seat and place your cold COOL caboose in their car seat over the buckles.  When you return, remove the COOL caboose and place your child safely in their seat.  You will find the buckles and seat are not as hot.

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"COOL caboose,  was created out of the need to get outside during the summer months."

— Christie —



My name is Christie and I am a mom of 3 very active young kids, 2 boys and a little girl. It was difficult to get outside with a baby in the warm and hot months.  However my 3 year old and 1.5 year old did not understand that their bran new baby sister would overheat in the stroller.  I checked what was available on the market and there was nothing that worked.  So this is how COOL caboose was born. Read More

Mandy, TEXAS

"When I first received mine last year I used it at an outdoor event festival when it was over 90 degrees and Charlotte was just four months old.  She fell asleep almost immediate and stayed asleep the entire time.  When I took her out of the stroller she was cool and comfy."

Elisabeth, TENNESSEE


"We just got ours Saturday and yesterday was our first opportunity to use it.  I am currently using it in my sons adaptive wheelchair.  Yesterday we used it while at a restaurant  and it was one of the first times when taking him out of his chair he wasn't drenched in sweet.  So far I'm loving it." 


"I absolutely love cool caboose.  Been using it for my son since past summer for long stroller walks, art festivals in summer heat and many more.  We just visited Fossil Rim Wildlife Center over the long weekend and packed it with us in the ice box during the two  hour long drive and used it in his car seat once we were there when we rolled all the windows down to see the animals."

jACKIE, texas

"It's barely June but already HOT here in Texas.  Tried out our Cool Caboose Seat liner for the first time today and it was a game changer.  Left it in the car seat (as a place holder) for two hours while we were out to eat.  When we got back, the car was hot but the car seat was plenty cool and Quinn was happy to get back in it.  Will definitely be using this lots this summer!!"

mary, Texas

"We used one of the most brilliant baby products I've ever seen this weekend.  The Cool Caboose was a gift.  Keeping baby Mattox cool in the scorching Texas heat has been nearly impossible no matter how hard we tried.  Now he's perfectly cool and comfortable!"

Mary Jane, texas

"Both my daughter and daughter in law are using them with their new borns.  They have been great!! Kept the babies cool while we are burning up."