Cool Caboose can be used in a variety of different ways.

1. Its main function and why it was created was to fit in a stroller.  The size and shape have been researched to fit into most strollers inbetween the shoulder and belt straps.  Freeze the inner ice packs and place them in the foam pouch.  Then place the foam porch with the cooling gel side up inside the cool caboose. 

2. The Cool Caboose is also a seat liner and protector.  It is washable so it helps protect your strollers from blowouts and spills.  Cool Caboose can be used year round.  If the weather is not warm enough to warrant the ice packs simply leave them out and just use the liner.  The liner also promotes airflow, so its great to help keep your baby dry from sweaty backs. 

3. In the winter and fall time the ice packs can actually be heated in the microwave.  Microwave for 30 seconds and place them in the foam pouch, but this time turn the cooling gel side of the pouch down and away from your child.

4. Cool Caboose can be used in your child's car seat on hot days when you are out running errands. Remove your child from their car seat, place cool caboose with its ice packs frozen in their car seat while you are doing your grocery shopping or errand running.  When you return to your car you will find that their car seats are not as hot.

**We recommend to purchase extra Ice Packs.  They are great for those extra long days spent outside or when you are at that theme park all day.  We store our extra ice packs in portable coolers right along side juice boxes and waters.  It serves double duty to keep drinks cold and after hours out in the hot sun, its nice to freshen up the ice packs in the Cool Caboose.  Also extra ice packs are great to have on hand in case you forgot to refreeze yesterdays packs.  As well as these packs are non-toxic, so they can be used to keep your lunch cold or on little boo-boos.  Your Cool Caboose Ice Packs should last you a long time, they can puncture so keep sharp objects away and handle with care.** 

Our Story


Cool Caboose was founded by me.  My name is Christie and I am a mom of 3 very active young kids, 2 boys, Chase and Cannon, and Channing our little girl.  I faced this problem with all three of my children but finally decided to do something about it when I had my third child.  It was difficult to get outside with a baby in the warm and hot months.  However my 4 year old and 2.5 year old did not understand that their 9 month old baby sister would overheat in the stroller.  I checked what was available on the market and there was nothing that worked.  So this is how Cool Caboose was born.  I went to the fabric store and bought a sewing machine, some breathable fabric they had available.  I then tore apart an old cooler and used the foam and lining from it.  Next I took some ice packs and headed out.  I found the ice packs were too hard and too cold, so that is when I came up with the idea to buy medical grade non toxic semi frozen icepacks.  This worked better but still wasn't doing what I needed.  I saw a "cooling gel" pillow at a big box store and thought "that's it!!".  I quickly realized that this cooling gel only stayed a couple of degrees cooler than the outside air (which was 100 degrees)! This is when I attached the cooling gel to the top of the foam liner with the ice pack tucked inside.   Brilliant!  The ice pack was "tricking" the cooling gel into thinking it was colder outside than it was.  I took my kids out for a bike ride and I pushed my daughter in the stroller.  It was a July day in Texas, if you don't live down south that means it was really hot.  My boys rode their bikes ahead of me and Channing.  We returned about 45 minutes later.  My boys were red faced and a sweaty mess.  I had sweat, I mean serious sweat going on.  My daughter, Channing was perfectly comfortable.  She didn't make a peep the entire time.  Her back and legs and caboose that were resting against the cool caboose were cool to the touch.  It actually worked.


Child Safety Facts

FACT: A child's body temperature raises 3-5 time faster than an adults. 

FACT: A parked car can reach over 130 degrees in 5 minutes

FACT: Never leave a child alone in a hot car or stroller unattended.

Cool Caboose asks that you always follow your stroller, wagon or where ever you place cool caboose, safety instructions.  Never interfere with seat belts and safety restraints. Always make sure your child is safely secured according to the manufactures instructions.   

Cool Caboose was originally created for outdoor stroller, bike carrier and wagons.  This product has not been crash tested so we recommend to always read and follow all manufactures safety rules to make sure you are keeping your child safe to your stroller, wagons and car seats instructions.   

All of Cool Caboose Products are Lead Free and Third Party Tested.  


do not allow the use of this product to interfere with proper function of the child safety restraints, according to the manufacturer's instructions. do not install in any way that interferes with the correct operation of your child's car seat as determined by the car seat manufacturer.   This product is not a toy.  Do not allow children to play with this product.