Our Story

My name is Christie and I am a mom of 3 very active young kids. It was difficult to get outside with a baby in the warm and hot months.  However my 3 year old and 1.5 year old did not understand that their 1 month old baby sister would overheat in the stroller.  Over the course of one month starting with some of the most basic materials - breathable fabric and a cooling gel pillow I started to create what would eventually be COOL caboose.  I realized very quickly that cooling gel only stays a couple of degrees cooler than the outside air.  I then came up with the idea to attach the cooling gel to the top of a foam liner from a cooler with a cold pack tucked inside.  The cold pack essentially "tricked" the cooling gel into thinking it was colder outside than it was.  The liner (foam pouch)  not only kept the cold pack colder longer but also kept any condensation away from my baby all while transferring a safe cool temperature to the baby. 

I took my kids out for a bike ride and I pushed my daughter in the stroller.  It was the beginning of August in Texas, if you don't live down south that means it was really hot.  My boys rode their bikes ahead of me and my daughter.  We returned about 45 minutes later.  My boys were red faced and a sweaty mess.  I had sweat, I mean serious sweat going on.  My daughter was perfectly comfortable!