How to use  

Cool Caboose was created to solve the problem of not being able to get outdoors during the warm and hot months.

Cool Caboose can be used in a variety of different ways:

1. Its main function and why it was created was to fit in a stroller.  The size and shape have been researched to fit into most strollers inbetween the shoulder and belt straps.  Freeze the inner clear cold packs and place them in the foam pouch.  Then place the foam porch with the blue cooling gel side up and place inside the cool caboose. 

2. The Cool Caboose is also a seat liner and protector.  It is washable so it helps protect your strollers from diaper leaks and spills.  Cool Caboose can be used year round.  If the weather is not warm enough to warrant the clear cold packs simply leave them out and just use the liner.  The liner also promotes airflow, so its great to help keep your baby dry from sweaty backs. 

3. In the winter and fall time the cold packs can actually be heated in the microwave.  Microwave in 20-30 seconds increments until your reach desired temperature (caution they can get extremely hot) and place them in the foam pouch, but this time turn the blue cooling gel side of the pouch down and away from your child and then place inside the cool caboose.

4. Cool Caboose can be used in your child's car seat on hot days when you are out running errands. Remove your child from their car seat, place cool caboose with its cold packs frozen in their car seat while you are doing your grocery shopping or errand running.  When you return to your car you will find that their car seat is not as hot.

**We recommend to purchase extra Cold Packs.  They are great for those extra long days spent outside or when you are at that theme park all day.  We store our extra cold packs in portable coolers right along side juice boxes, waters and apple slices.  It serves double duty to keep drinks cold and after hours out in the hot sun, its nice to freshen up the cold packs in the Cool Caboose.  Also extra cold packs are great to have on hand in case you forgot to refreeze yesterdays packs.  As well as these packs are non-toxic, so they can be used to keep your lunch cold or on little boo-boos.  Your Cool Caboose Cold Packs should last you a long time, however they can puncture so keep sharp objects away and handle with care.**