Solving the Problem


It all started when I was limited on the amount of time, if any, that I could spend outside during the warm and hot months with my babies and young children.

I faced this problem with all three of my children, but finally did something about it with my third.  When she was born in June 2014, I had three kids three and under.  I managed to get through that summer but the next summer I couldn't take it.  My older children wanted to get outside, ride their bikes, go to the park.  I needed fresh air, I wanted to take the whole family to the water parks and amusements parks.  But with a one- year old getting outside concerned me.  Babies can overheat very quickly.  They don't sweat like we do to cool them off and when we get overheated we can drink water, but a small child, especially a child who is still only drinking mile cant do that always.  Not to mention they just become irritated and cranky when they get too hot...I mean who doesn't?! Through trial and error I came up with the solution.  Cool Caboose! Its the only Cooling Seat Liner on the market that helps keep your baby cooler on those walks to the park, in the stands while you watch older kids play baseball games or whenever life calls you to the outdoors.